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Image by Jessica Ruscello

Spiritual Guidance

Are you blocked? Feeling like something is holding you back? Perhaps the solution to your problems is within reach but you just can't see it.


You're not alone. 


I am here to help you if you have tried everything else and are looking for guidance, direction, or just looking to improve areas of your life. 


Currently, I am accepting consultations for spiritual healing, improving luck, resolving workplace issues, helping couples, resolving court cases, finding your career/life path, clearing, houses and more.


I will meet with you and gain an understanding of your unique situation. From there we will work out an action plan to take the steps necessary to get the results you are seeking.


My interventions are backed by 25+ years of spiritual study and practice. I am an ordained priest with a belief that all traditions are the expressions of one Truth and one Heart. You will be treated with dignity, respect and compassion regardless of your religious background or sexual orientation. 

What if I'm not spiritual?

No judgment here, whatsoever. I applaud your choice and respect you as an individual.


If the above sounds too woo-woo for you no problem!


There's something for everybody here!


Have a look at our hypnosis page for strictly non-spiritual interventions.

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