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benefits of yoga

There are many amazing benefits of yoga—it makes us stronger, calmer, happier, healthier, and more flexible. Yoga practice also gives us a chance to nourish ourselves by harmonizing body, mind and spirit.


Yoga is a body and mind practice


There’s more to Yoga than stretching and twisting the body into various shapes or poses known as asana. In fact, asana is just one facet of this holistic and ancient practice. Yoga is a way of life.  It can be seen as a tree with many limbs. The branches of Yoga include:


  • Ethical Values

  • Breathing practices

  • Focused Introspection

  • Concentration

  • Meditation 

Uniting mind, body, and soul

Yoga means "union." 


In yoga, there are two unique components: philosophy and practice. I'm here to share both creatively. Like most people, my journey began when I attended my first group yoga class. At first I enjoyed yoga simply as a fitness practice. Over the years, I began to deepen my practice with the study of the essential text of yoga philosophy: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 


This completely and radically changed my practice for the better. I began to see the powerful interplay of the philosophy with the physical practice.  One complimented and informed the other.  Not only has yoga helped me stay physically fit but it also provides a safe space where I can try new things, fail, and try again. It has taught me patience, perseverance, discernment, balance and to navigate each day with conscious appreciation.


Sadhana = disciplined spiritual practice

“First, you have to practice for a long period of time; second, your practice must not be interrupted—you must do it regularly; and third, you must do your practice with love and respect.”  

                -Yoga Sutras 1.14

My commitment as a teacher is to help you build a consistent sadhana, that is heart-centred. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, you will benefit from my sessions.


I promise to make studying yoga with me accessible, and enjoyable. All are welcome regardless of experience level or ability.


Sessions are designed in a way that allows you to adapt the class to your chosen level and encourages you to create your own interpretations of the poses or the study. 


Your intuition will develop, allowing you to embody the practice on and off the mat. You will be empowered to live your life as your True, authentic Self.

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Yoga Certifications

20HR Yoga Anatomy - Iysha Wellness - Kitchener, ON | August 2021
25HR Vinyasa Yoga For Youth - VYFY - ONLINE | February 2021
100HR Yoga Teacher Training - One Yoga - Vancouver,BC | August 2020
100HR Yoga Teacher Training - One Yoga - Saskatoon, SK | July 2019
100HR Vinyasa Krama - One Yoga - Victoria, BC | July 2019
20HR Trauma Informed Yoga - Yoga Outreach - Vancouver, BC | October 2018
50HR Yin Yoga - Bernie Clark - Vancouver, BC | February 2018
200HR Yoga Teacher training - Karma Teachers - Vancouver, BC | April 2017

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