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Tarot Cards

Tarot Readings

The Tarot cards open up communication between our rational minds and the Spiritual world that is always communicating with us through the Unconscious Mind. The symbolism of the cards is the language that makes the connection between ourselves and Spirit possible. Once this language is understood, reading the cards provides a startling and accurate method of gaining certainty about questions that seem unclear in the present moment.


Sometimes we need a friendly reminder that we are doing the right thing or making the right decision. Let me offer you the guidance you seek. You will be pleasantly surprised by my accuracy even with minimal information. Ask about Relationships, health, career, etc. No question is off-limits. The cards are always insightful and helpful.


***Tarot readings can either be performed live via phone or Zoom. You will also receive an email of your reading so you can keep it for your records.***


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